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Stablecoin Economy Continues to Deflate — USDC’s Market Cap Shed $6.7 Billion in 83 Days – Altcoins Bitcoin News

Just over two months or approximately 83 days ago, the stablecoin usd coin (USDC) had a market valuation of around $55.52 billion and...

5 altcoins that could turn bullish if Bitcoin price stabilizes

The major United States stock market indices continued their decline last week as worsening macroeconomic conditions increased concerns of a global recession. The...

Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins hold intraday gains after Fed hikes interest rates by 0.75%

Bitcoin (BTC) retreated and reversed its intraday gains after the Federal Reserve announced its third consecutive 75 basis point (bps) interest rate rise...

Here is why a 0.75% Fed rate hike could be bullish for Bitcoin and altcoins

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite index suffered their worst weekly performance since June as investors remain concerned that the Federal Reserve...

Stablecoin Economy Growth Stagnates for 73 Days, USDC Market Cap Slides 5% Lower – Altcoins Bitcoin News

Since the Terra stablecoin fiasco in May, the top stablecoins by market capitalization dropped 10.66% from ​​$171.37 billion to today’s $153.09 billion. During...

Team Behind Ethereum’s PoW Fork Aims to Launch Network 24 Hours After The Merge – Altcoins Bitcoin News

While The Merge is expected to take place in less than two days, the Ethereum proof-of-work (PoW) fork is scheduled to go live...

Bitcoin and altcoins pop to the upside, but upcoming macro events could cap the rally

The 13% gains in the six days leading to Sept. 12 brought the total crypto market capitalization closer to $1.1 trillion, but this...

In 2 Months the Top Smart Contract Tokens Gained 44% Against the Greenback Ahead of Ethereum’s Merge – Altcoins Bitcoin News

With The Merge coming next week and Cardano’s Vasil hard fork commencing soon after, the market capitalization of the top smart contract tokens...

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